Industrial Deafness

UKExpertMedical provides specialist Industrial Disease Lawyers with Audiology and ENT Medico-Legal reports for client who may have suffered Noise-Induced Hearing Loss or ear damage as a result of accidents on the road or in the workplace.

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We provide Medico-Legal reports, diagnostic and rehabilitation services such as:

Medico-Legal Audiology – Medico-Legal ENT Reports – Tinnitus Rehabilitation Therapy

UKExpertMedical has provided thousands of hearing tests and subsequent Medico-Legal reports to clients who have been subject to excessive noise, explosives and other deafening noises.

We have a dedicated in-house team working solely on Industrial Deafness matters. Our team of experts works with efficiency and professionalism to quickly quantify the level of Industrial Deafness and provide you with a thorough Medico-Legal report to ensure your case is brought to a prompt conclusion.

The services we offer include:

Medico-Legal audiology. UKExpertMedical has an extensive panel of qualified audiologists who provide hearing tests nationwide. We regularly hold clinics in specific locations and can accommodate multiple clients at one time. All audiometry is carried out in accordance with BSA guidelines and with calibrated apparatus.

Medico-Legal reports. When instructing UKExpertMedical, you can be confident that all medico-legal reports will be produced by an experienced medical expert. All reports are fully compliant with the guidelines set out by Coles Lutman and Buffin and, more recently, Lutman Coles and Buffin. We can organise single appointments, or appoint clients to one of our pre-arranged clinics.

Tinnitus rehabilitation therapy. In keeping with our core values of client care, we will arrange tinnitus retraining therapy to support clients who have suffered from excessive noise in the workplace or damage due to an explosion or accident.

When instructing UKExpertMedical in matters of Industrial Deafness, you can be certain of the following:

  • Robust and repeatable audiology
  • Accurate calculations on CLB and LCB
  • Robust and prompt replies to solicitor clarification

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Our clients say…

“The vast experience of the team has meant a very smooth approach to our litigation.”
Mark Collins (Howe and Co)

Our Industrial Deafness Medical Experts.

UKExpertMedical’s team of experts can provide the following services:

  • Medico-Legal audiology
  • Medico-Legal ENT reports
  • Tinnitus rehabilitation therapy
  • Robust and repeatable audiology
  • Prompt replies to solicitor clarification

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