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Who We Are

UKExpertMedical was founded in 2010 by Managing Director Alex Demetrious-Seymour and is based in two locations, Manchester (Head Office) and Lincoln.

We were formed with a vision to provide the most personal and reliable service on the market for law firms.

Since 2010 our Industrial Disease, Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury and Medical Records Triage departments have gone from strength to strength. Whether providing services stand-alone or collectively, we have become a leading force in the medico-legal industry, delivering a unique combination of value and professionalism to our clients.

Our Team

With over 50 employees including both administrative and clinical staff, we are constantly seeking talented individuals who can bring new ideas and energy to our business. Many of our administrative staff have a background in law and we provide them with opportunities to develop their skills in both the medical and legal fields. Our regular training sessions equip our staff with the knowledge and understanding needed when dealing with law firm instructions and medical terminology, enabling them to excel in a medico-legal environment. 

We take pride in the following:

  • 50 staff in total, across 6 departments and 2 offices (Manchester & Lincoln).
  • Significant growth in the last 5 years within every metric.
  • In-house Nurse/Midwife analysts, no outsourcing.
  • A unique triage service for solicitor enquiries for campaigns such as Clin Neg, NIHL/MIHL, Asbestos, VWF, HDR and more.
  • Medical staff who provide input on prospective cases at the investigation stage.
  • Approved workflow and commercials by leading ATE providers.
  • Personable, flexible, knowledgeable, ambitious and commercially aware staff members.

A personalised, client-focused service

We strive to deliver excellent results for our clients and understand the value of client care, whether we’re gathering medical evidence or supporting your client through rehab.

We can handle any volume of instructions across all case types, but we’ll never compromise on the responsiveness and personal service you’ve come to expect from us.

Take a look at the professional services we offer and instruct for your cases today.

Medico-Legal Services

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Meet the UKExpertMedical Senior Management Team

thumbnail Male UKExpertMedical
Alex Seymour


thumbnail Male UKExpertMedical
Carl Preece

Operations Manager

thumbnail Female UKExpertMedical
Rachael Orme

Head of Finance

thumbnail Female UKExpertMedical
Clare Harrison

Head of Strategy

thumbnail Male UKExpertMedical
Andrew Walker

Head of Industrial Disease and Workplace Injury
thumbnail Male UKExpertMedical
Alex Pett

Head of Clinical Negligence and Serious Injury

thumbnail Female UKExpertMedical
Carrie Hopkinson

Head of Medical Records

thumbnail Male UKExpertMedical
Lee Hardy

Team Manager
Industrial Disease and Workplace Injury

thumbnail Male UKExpertMedical
Paul Humphrey

Team Manager
Industrial Disease and Workplace Injury

thumbnail Female UKExpertMedical
Ashleigh Fox

Team Manager 
Clinical Negligence and Serious Injury

thumbnail Female UKExpertMedical
Isobel Winn

Team Manager
Clinical Negligence and Serious Injury

thumbnail Male UKExpertMedical
Daniel Mallard

Team Manager
Clinical Negligence and Serious Injury

thumbnail Male UKExpertMedical
Danielle Pope

Team Manager
Medical Records

Over the last year we have developed a great working relationship with UKExpertMedical. The team working at UKExpertMedical are extremely dedicated to helping us find the correct medical expert for such highly complex clinical negligence cases. The team react well to non-standard expert request from us and will go out there way to accommodate us and find the appropriate experts in the correct location or time frame .UK In summary they provide a very high level of service in terms of efficiency, communication and mostly importantly a very friendly and dedicated customer service to us. We would not hesitate to recommend UKExpertMedical.

Jennifer Garrett

UKEM provide a service far above and beyond that which I had previously come to expect from a medico-legal agency. UKEM are, simply, part of the team. They work closely with their solicitors to ensure that experts are selected who are able to address the individual needs of the case and the client. In turn, the experts also become part of the team and together they enable us to ensure that our client’s receive the highest possible quality of medical reports and the best possible settlements.

Clare McDade

We use UKExpertMedical exclusively for our Disease and Clinical Negligence instructions. We will now not look anywhere else.

Philip Jackson

They do stand out from the other Medical Providers thanks to their hands on approach and their ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude

Gavin Moat

You’re assistance is vital and I’ve found you to be quick and effective with open and clear communication channels. Quality of the work provided has been high and your adaptability has been appreciated with more complex requests.

Mark Thomason

We have found the entire team at this Medico-legal Agency to be extremely professional, and often go the extra mile for us as solicitors.

Mark Collins


If you’re looking for a professional service with expertise in all case types, call us 0345 9011 897 to speak to one of us directly about your needs.

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