Medico Legal Audiology


We provide Medico-Legal audiology for the following case types:

Workplace Hearing Loss – Road Traffic Accidents – Military Hearing Loss

UKExpertMedical has completed thousands of audiological tests for clients who have sustained hearing damage as a result of excessive noise, explosions or accidents in the workplace.

We can perform hearing tests anywhere in the UK, in a clinic setting or on an ad hoc basis, to quickly assess the prospects of a client’s case. All our audiologists hold the necessary qualifications, along with years of Medico-Legal experience, in order to perform a reliable and repeatable test.

UKExpertMedical specialises in providing audiology for:

  • Industrial Hearing Loss
  • Blast Injury in the Military
  • Road Traffic Accidents

Our dedicated team acts with professionalism and empathy to ensure clients who have sustained Hearing Loss or Tinnitus are provided with the very best care at all times, in a place that suits them best.

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Our clients say…

“Instructing UKExpertMedical means we are able to take early decisions on cases as to whether a case has good prospects of success or not.”
Mark Collins (Howe and Co)

Whether you’re looking for an initial audiogram or further audiological testing at any point throughout your case, UKExpertMedical can deal with your request.

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Our Medico Legal Audiology
Medical Experts.

We have years of experience in producing Medico-Legal reports for:

  • Industrial Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Loss due to explosions
  • Hearing Loss as a result of Road Traffic Accidents

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The process is simple. We promise to put your clients’ needs first at all times whilst supplying you with an honest service from start to finish.


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