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Medical records pagination is an important part of any Medical Negligence claim. Not only does it assist the medical expert, it can also provide the instructing solicitor with advice regarding the prospects of success. Whether your medical records need sorting and collating or digitising to disc, UKExpertMedical provides an efficient and reliable pagination service, with many years of experience in this field. Speak to our experts today, call 0345 9011 897.

Why Instruct our Medical Records Analysts?

Our Medical Experts:

Our team consists of midwives, nurses and legal personnel. We are able to draw upon over 80 Years of combined clinical experience.

Client Care:

Each member of our team will approach your instruction with the care and attention it requires.

Speed of Service:

When you instruct us to work for your clients, you can be sure that UKExpertMedical will appoint the most experienced Medical Professional to analyse your clients case. We work quickly without compromising on quality, working to agreed deadlines. We have the ability to prioritise urgent files.

A Personalised Service:

Our team hold in-house meetings, combining their clinical and legal expertise when making decisions on prospects of success. When instructing UKExpertMedical you can rest assured that each aspect of the case is discussed in its entirety before completion.

Medical Opinions:

We can incorporate Pro-Bono opinions and comments from Medical Experts as and when requested.

Pagination can be arranged as part of our Medico-Legal Reporting Service or as a stand-alone offering. Get in touch with your experts to discuss our service today.

Get in touch with our Medical Records Pagination Experts today and let us help you with your cases with our excellent team and years experience in Medical services.

For a list of our Medical Records Pagination and Collation fees for this service, call 0345 9011 897

Medical Records Pagination

Medical Records Pagination - Our experts can help!

It can be costly, however, and that is why it is important to instruct an efficient and reliable service. With years of experience in this field and great feedback from our existing clients, we’re the agency for you.

We can offer the following pagination reports and services:

  • Sorting
  • Collation
  • Pagination
  • Indexing
  • Chronology
  • Summary of medical history
  • Records digitised to disc
  • Tabulation of missing records
  • Analysis of radiology discs

All complete files can be sent on disc or electronically in accordance with GDPR regulations, and will be completed and returned within 21 days from receipt of the instruction.

If you’re looking for other medico-legal services, our experts can help. See what medico-legal services our expert offer and get in touch.

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