Single Mum Sagal Ahmed-Farah Had to Throw £2600 Worth of Furniture Away and Live Out of Bags Due to Black Mould

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A 43-year-old living in Camden has reportedly thrown away her £2,300 furniture because of the excessive amount of mould and damp. Sagar, a mother of 5 made a statement saying that her flat ‘smells like a sewer’ due to the horrific conditions she’s being living in with her family in Camden.

Despite ringing the council several times up to a maximum of 50 times to report this issue, the tenant wasn’t given any support to solve this problem. She also reported that there were holes that allowed water from the rain to get into her house in areas such as the kitchen, the corridor and the  living room

With water coming in the house, this caused issues with the lighting as they stopped working, leaving them with no other choice but to use torches at night. With this issue starting in 2018, the family were moved to a temporary accommodation two years later for three weeks. Despite this, once they moved back, there were further issues that meant that they had to move back out.

With two family members’ health being affected by this, the experience has been traumatic for these tenants. A Camden Council Spokesperson said “The wellbeing of our residents is our absolute priority. We have moved the family into other accommodation while we carry out urgent repairs.”

Nevertheless, Sagar’s case is just one of approximately 1.9 million scenarios of renters who have similar issues or worse, risking their health and getting emotionally traumatised by the experience they’re going through with their local council.

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