Shrewsbury Maternity Scandal: Better Care Might Have Saved 201 Babies

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The number of babies who could have survived with better maternity care at Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust is far worse than imagined, says Jeremy Hunt.

The BBC has learned that around 201 babies could have survived if provided better care by the trust. In the Inquiry of this case, it was found that “doctors, midwives, nurses at Shrewsbury and Telford said they were silenced” stated Jeremy Hunt, a health secretary.

With the majority of cases being dated from 2000-2019 it was found there were 201 deaths, which included 131 stillbirths and 70 neonatal deaths. As well as this it was also found that dozens of other children had been left with life-changing injuries due to the lack of adequate care provided by the trust. The full report, led by Donna Ockenden has been delayed twice due to the NHS working on getting an indemnity cover to deal with any legal action following the report being published.

Ms. Davies and Ms. Griffiths are both mothers who played a crucial role in the lead-up to the report. Both mothers lost daughters at the trust, which were both concluded as avoidable. Ms. Davies lost her daughter Katie in 2009, causing her to fight until 2016 to get the conclusion that Katie’s death could have been avoidable. Ms. Griffiths, lost her daughter Pippa in 2016, also having to fight until 2017 to gain her conclusion that her daughter’s death was as well avoidable.

After putting in research, they found that there were many other families who had suffered, finding a total of 23 cases through the internet. Jeremy Hunt, agreed to have an investigation into this in May 2017, appointing Donna Ockenden to lead the report.

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