Notorious London Housing Association Clarion Finally Faces Investigation Over Shoddy Housing

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MyLondon is investigating Clarion Housing after the awful living conditions of their homes.


Clarion, a Housing Association, is known for allowing tenants to live in awful conditions and has been ordered to ‘fix-up’ by Housing Secretary, Michael Gove in a letter sent to them.


Clarion is the UK’s largest Housing Association with 125,000 homes. As well as being known for owning several houses, they also have a reputation to own homes with multiple damages such as leaks, damps, mould, and pest issues within their homes. On 26th April, the Housing Ombudsman, a service which looks at complaints regarding providers of social housing, ordered Clarion to pay £2600 due to them being found guilty of ‘severe maladministration’ after not responding to a tenant’s complaints.


An investigation is now being held because of the recent complaints against the Housing Association, causing the Housing Ombudsman to believe there may be more potential claims like this.


Clare Miller, Chief Executive of Clarion Housing is ‘deeply disappointed’ with Mr Gove’s conspicuous statement which resulted in the investigation.

In an official statement, Clare Millier, states the following “We can confirm we have received a letter from the secretary of state, relating to the ombudsman ruling, where we failed to provide the service, our residents have a right to expect. As chief executive of Clarion Housing Group, I will never shirk our responsibility to provide and maintain good quality homes.”

Michael Grove has shared some of the worst Clarion cases he has seen within the last year. In June 2021, Eastfield Estate in Mitcham was visited by MyLondon and found mice in properties and communal areas as well as cockroaches, slugs and rats. These properties were also infested with damp, mould and water leaks in electrical sockets.

Another example of how Clarion have failed tenants is the case of Tracy Cordery from Mitcham. Ms. Cordery spent five and a half hours in hospital on January 9th, 2022, after her ceiling collapsed onto her. Clarion referred to Tracy’s concerns regarding the cracks in the ceiling as “non emergent”. In response to the incident, they have denied it was a ‘collapse’ and does not claim responsibility.

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