Army top brass knew about ‘serious failings’

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Top army chiefs admit to “serious failing” in Ajax tanks for three years: MoD ignored warning about vibration and loud noise that led to servicemen being discharged with hearing loss.

Daily mail reports that if correct action had been taken in the design of Ajax, then public money would have been saved and troops would not have been injured.

Key points from this report:

  • An official inquiry has found that a £5.5billion armoured vehicle was badly flawed was ignored 3 years ago.
  • The defence minister, Jeremy Quin has admitted that the Ajax programme had ‘serious failings’ but, despite problems, it will not be scrapped.
  • With safety issues being raised in December 2018 and April 2019 regarding vibration levels and noise levels, no improvements were made to Ajax by the GDUK.
  • It has been reported that seventeen soldiers remain under specialist care for hearing issues caused by this project.
  • Jeremy Quin has stated he is ‘horrified’ by the official report but is hopeful it will become a world-leading battle asset.
  • It has been branded ‘the biggest defence procurement failure of the past decade’ by the Labour party.
  • The MOD has blown £4billion of the £5.5billion budget for Ajax so far. Officials are intending to spend the remainder working with manufacturers General Dynamics (UK) to solve the problems.

You can read this article in full here

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