Mum Says Council Home ‘Unliveable’ and Daughter, 4, Fell in 2ft Hole in Kitchen

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An article reported by The Mirror finds that a mum, Fiona Wood, says she does not know why she has been allocated a council home, which was previously stated as ‘void’ – as expensive work was needed in order for the property to be liveable.

This parent, living in Havering – East London, has claimed that her home is unhabitable after her 4 year old daughter, who has autism and ADHD, fell into a 2ft hole in their kitchen. With the situation being near-fatal, Fiona received a response from the Council which was to let her daughter sleep in the sitting room, so no future incidents occur.  This is not the only incident that Fiona has suffered within living in this property, she had a brick from the garden fall on her and bruised her ankle, which she also reported to the council. The council has not tried to repair any of the disrepairs within the home.

The property was previously stated as a ‘void’ property which meant that no tenant was allowed to live within the property due to around £30,000 of work needing to be done on the property to make it liveable.

Fiona was offered this home as ‘temporary’ accommodation but has been living in the property for around 6 years and was unable to refuse this accommodation as this would class her as ‘intentionally homeless’ which would exclude her from any form of council housing.

During her time at this property, she has suffered from disrepairs such as a broken electric fireplace, broken radiators, rotting floorboards, collapsed garden fence, and faulty lights. A spokesperson for Havering Council said, “The council is currently investigating this case”.

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