MOD Pays £95million Compensation to Thousands of Soldiers Who’ve Suffered Hearing Loss on Duty

The Sun reports that around 112 serving and ex-forces personnel per month receive Ministry of Defence settlements for noise-induced conditions, resulting in around £95million being paid so far in 9 years.

The Ajax Light Tanks have cost the MOD around £81.8 million with 10,338 claims being brought against them. This tank cost around £5.5 billion and was branded ‘the biggest defence procurement failure of the past decade’ by the labour party due to safety issues regarding vibration and noise levels being dangerous.

During this same time, the MOD also paid out around £13 million for general hearing loss claims under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

You can read the full article here.

Military Hearing Loss Statistics

  • Excessive exposure to noise over 85db can cause hearing loss.
  • A gunshot is around 140db meaning it can cause almost instant hearing damage.
  • A typical deafness claim is settled between £5,000 – £30,000 however some pay-outs can go up to £1 million.
  • As well as claiming under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, ex-military personnel can claim through the courts for hearing loss.
  • Since 2013, the MOD has paid our 95 million in compensation.
  • Around 112 serving ex-forces personnel per month receive compensation for noise-induced conditions.

Military Hearing Loss Reports

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