UKExpertMedical have the following pre-arranged clinics with both audiologists and ENT experts.

  • 24th October Stoke
  • 3rd November Wrexham
  • 3rd November Liverpool
  • 4th November Manchester
  • 6th November Sheffield
  • 8th November Lincoln
  • 20th November Scunthopre
  • 20th November Doncaster
  • 2nd December Coventry
  • 2nd December Birmingham
  • 17th December Nottingham
  • 18th December Lancaster
  • 18th December Barrow
  • 5th January Newcastle
  • January TBC Manchester

We have many more alternative appointments available nationwide.

If you would like to discuss instructing UKExpertMedical for an industrial deafness report, audiogram only or you would like further information please do not hesitate our contact our new business team direct.

We have appointments available and we welcome your instructions.