UKExpertMedical organises a number of medico legal clinics in clinical settings across the country for clients who have suffered from industrial deafness.

What can clients expect?

Prior to the appointment, you can expect to receive information via telephone and mail from a member of our team. The letter you receive will explain everything you need to do prior to the appointments and items you need to bring with you.

The appointment will be conveniently booked to suit your work and family commitments

Upon arrival at the clinic, you can expect to be greeted by a representative from our team, who will explain the order of the day to ensure you are examined as quickly as possible, minimising your waiting time.

You will see a highly qualified Medico Legal audiologist who will perform a hearing test, before an examination by an ENT consultant who will take a detailed work history before finalising your Medico Legal report.

Contact Us 
If you wish to speak with a member of our team please call us on 0345 9011 897 or simply instruct us.