Housing Tenants Support – Disrepair Can Lead To Illness.

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It’s being reported in the Guardian recently that more and more social housing tenants “cry for help” as they seek support from their local council or housing association to fix disrepair issues. They give numerous examples where clients have contacted the Guardian airing their frustrations from the lack of support the local council and housing associations are giving to their tenants. The citizen’s advice bureau states that landlords are “responsible for repairs”, and “they should do them in a ‘reasonable’ amount of time”.

Furthermore, unresolved issues can lead to illnesses to tenants – particularly if tenants already have underlying health conditions such as asthma. Housing Disrepair Claims include:

  • Leaky taps/pipes
  • broken boilers
  • Damp & Mould
  • Faulty Infrastructure

See full article written by Anna Tims of The Guardian here.

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