Housing Disrepair – Ceiling Collapses and Exposes Asbestos

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The mirror have recently reported on a NHS worker’s ceiling collapsing, exposing her to Asbestos, despite warnings to her Housing Association.

This lady, in her 40s, reported a leak in her apartment on numerous occasions before it eventually caused further damage to her ceiling, which eventually collapsed. When a property is in a state of disrepair and the issues have been reported to your landlord, but they have failed to appropriately respond to the problem, tenants are entitled to take legal action against their landlords. Due to substandard care of some landlords, defects left ignored can create unsafe living environments, and in extreme cases, can lead to health issues to the tenant.

In this particular case, reported by the Daily Mirror, Notting Hill Genesis Housing Association ignored correspondence which resulted in a potential fatal incident, albeit in the long term, as the ceiling exposed her and her son to Asbestosis fibres. Asbestosis an industrial disease and is a life-changing condition caused by scarring of the lungs due to inhaling asbestos fibres over time.

Eventually, after being contacted several occasions, Notting Hill Genesis said they had booked a hotel for this person and their son to stay in.

You can read the full report here.

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