We are pleased to announce our industrial deafness clinic schedule for 2015. If you require ENT medico-legal reports in regards to industrial deafness please contact our team on 0345 9011 897 or Instruct Us. The full list of clinics is as follows:

27th February Liverpool
4th March Northampton
5th March Wigan
5th March Blackburn
7th March Manchester
8th March Birmingham
10th March Newcastle
11th March Leicester
11th March Coventry
12th March Birmingham
12th March Stoke
13th March Carlisle
18th March Nottingham
20th March Chelmsford
21st March Wrexham
23rd March Manchester
23rd March Newport
28th March Sheffield
29th March Maidstone
3rd April Leeds
7th April Wigan
9th April Middlesbrough
9th April Durham
10th April Liverpool
16th April Sheffield
18th April Birmingham
20th April Stoke
21st April Nottingham
24th April Manchester
27th April Blackburn
27th April Birmingham
30th April York
30th April Doncaster
1st May Durham
5th May Newcastle
6th May Scunthorpe
7th May Bristol