Birmingham’s Housing Shame Exposed in Horror Videos of Disabled Woman’s Mouldy Flat

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Reported recently by Birmingham Mail Online, Housing activist filmed inside the mouldy, damp house that a family call home – and it’s exposed the horrific state of some city accommodation.

A video by Kwajo Tweneboa, has recently gained attention in which he is showing the awful conditions a disabled, blind woman and her daughter live in. Kwajo, who campaigns for better housing conditions across the country, visited the home and documented his findings. The home had black mould and damp covering the ceilings, walls, and floors in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

The daughter, who lives at this property and works for the NHS has reported the housing disrepairs around 15-20 times in the last year and has been ignored by Birmingham City Council providing no help for the family. The mother and daughter have been told by the Council that the damp and mould is due to condensation caused by the windows being kept closed and the heating not being on enough. The family have disputed this.

MP Steve McCabe, who was contacted by the daughter has taken on the case and is chasing a reply from the Council regarding getting the issues fixed. Birmingham City Council in response has said “We are very sorry for the poor living conditions caused by the mould in this property. Birmingham City Council have been in regular contact with the tenant about the issues over the past six months and offered alternative temporary accommodation on numerous occasions.”

Kwajo continues to post poor living conditions that people are forced to live in, raising awareness so that change can happen, and rightly so.

You can read this article in full here

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