Average Repair Time For Tenants Passes 40 Days

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Property Reporter have recently reported (article publish 12th October) that average repair time for tenants passes 40 days.

This article, reviews a survey undertaken by Hodge Jones & Allen and reports the results conclude that two thirds of 2000 tenants who have experienced housing disrepairs, waited on average a month or longer to receive any form of help.

They also looked at the statistics the English Housing Survey recorded, which analysed data on the most common Housing Disrepair issue, and in-depth data on the most common cities experiencing high volume of housing disrepair complaints.

Damp is the most common housing disrepair problem (37%) with half a million tenants reporting having damp within their household. Heating or hot water issues (28%) and water leaks (27%) were also other common disrepair problems reported in rented properties.

When breaking down the cities which featured the most complaints, London tenants came out on top – it’s estimated 8 in 10 tenants in London are experiencing issues and Manchester came a close second (76% of tenants reporting they have complained about a Housing Disrepair issue).

The report goes on to analyse which cities have received reports from tenants where issues have not been fixed. Interestingly, London doesn’t feature in this list highlighting that although 8 in 10 tenants are complaining about housing disrepair issues, the majority are being fixed. Cities that feature in the top 10 of issues not being fixed are:

  1. Cardiff (29%)
  2. Southampton (24%)
  3. Leeds (24%)
  4. Liverpool (22%)
  5. Norwich (22%)
  6. Edinburgh (21%)
  7. Birmingham (20%)
  8. Sheffield (19%)
  9. Belfast (19%)
  10. Manchester (19%)

You can read this article in full here

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