Asbestos Related Disease Takes Dad before 66th birthday

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A father of three sadly passes away after claiming his “asthma” was playing up, shortly after retiring from the company he worked at for over 40 years. It was lately discovered that Doug Orme, an engineer from Liverpool, suffered from mesothelioma after being diagnosed in January 2019 and died just 11 months later. 

After being diagnosed, and shortly before his death, Doug contacted a solicitor specialising in asbestos related claims, who investigated where he might have become exposed to the deadly asbestosis substance.

The Daily Record reports, “From 1969, Doug had been an employee of Massey Coldbeck Electric Motor Service and Massey Coldbeck Engineering where he worked to repair electrical motors until his retirement in 2017.” It is believed that Doug came into contact whilst cleaning out contaminated motors and it is reported that Doug remembers a colleague commenting “be careful, there is asbestos in that, whilst carrying out his duties over 25 – 30 years ago.”

You can read this article in full here.

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