Asbestos Awareness Week

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It’s International Asbestos Awareness Week, 1st – 7th April.

Asbestosis is a life-changing condition caused by scarring of the lungs due to inhaling asbestos fibres over time. Many people develop the illness because they were exposed to asbestos at work, sometimes decades ago. Those who worked in the building trade, in shipyards, or with insulation are particularly at risk of developing asbestos-related illnesses, but you could also have been affected if you regularly worked in buildings where asbestos was used, such as schools and offices.

UKExpertMedical has developed a nationwide screening service that enables solicitors to send instructions to our team for an initial industrial disease reports (including Asbestosis) to assess the validity of a particular claim. We will assign the best expert to your case and arrange a full medical examination and investigation to ensure you get the most detailed Medico-Legal report possible.

Whether you’re preparing a case of Respiratory Disease or Asbestosis, UKExpertMedical understands the time constraints of these matters. Our industrial disease experts will work alongside your client and their family, treating each case with empathy and understanding to ensure the case can be concluded quickly and all our service level agreements are fulfilled. If you’re looking for other medico-legal services, our experts can help.

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