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A woman in Blackpool gets compensated for a dental negligence claim after her teeth were left permanently damaged

By November 22, 2022 June 2nd, 2023 No Comments
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Kira Sandham from Blackpool has been awarded £12500 for dental negligence after a routine brace fitting left her front teeth damaged. Kira has been wearing braces since she was 16 and had always looked after her teeth which did not require any fillings.  

However, in 2017, Kira was referred for an orthodontic brace to straighten her teeth as she was told that the braces treatment had to be halted immediately and be removed due to root resorption. Having the root resorption made Kira’s front teeth loose, however she was reassured that her teeth ‘should last her a lifetime.’  Nevertheless, she wanted a second opinion from another dentist to be sure, as the gaps between her teeth often made her feel ‘self-conscious’, she reported.   

On seeing a specialist for a second opinion, she was told how poorly the treatment had been carried by her previous dentist, which left her devastated. Kira stated, “I was told the wire behind my teeth was placed poorly and un-hygienically because of how difficult it is to reach a toothbrush behind it. The specialist estimated that my damaged teeth will only last another five years. Hearing that at my age I will lose a tooth in the future was very upsetting.”  

Read the full article via the Blackpool Gazette on the link below: 

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