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The Way We Work

The Personal Touch
Since we formed in 2010 our directors have always had the same vision, to become the most personal and reliable service on the market for law firms. We have received widespread praise from our customer’s in relation to this and this is what pleases us the most. Our customers will know that we do our utmost best to ensure client retention and we apply maximum effort to each instruction received. There have been many changes in the industry over the years and with more changes on the way it is even more important to stay true to our values moving forward.

Dedicated Account Handler
We know how frustrating it can be for law firms if they struggle to contact the appropriate member of the team the need, we guarantee that you can speak with the same account handler time after time. We appoint a specific member of the team to each account which means that you have a direct contact should you need.

Speedy Response
Our role within a case is to ensure the medical evidence is obtained as quickly and as conveniently as possible and this is exactly what you can expect. Speed of service is something that we have worked on since day one and we have now got the systems and the processes in place to achieve this every single time.

Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Services
UKExpertMedical has a specialist team to focus on rehabilitation only. We have the facilities in place to be able to arrange, x-rays, MRI scans, CT scans and cognitive behavior therapy without delay. We focus on client care and can accommodate clients at short notice within their locality.

If you have a case you would like us to provide a medical report for, please use our Instruct Us form or call us on 0845 9011 897.



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